We mainly deal with two types of metals: the ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Ferrous metals are metals that contain more iron properties and are magnetic, while non-ferrous metals do not contain any amount of iron and are not magnetic at all.

Ferrous scrap metal

Mild steel Carbon steel Wrought iron Cast iron

These are usually metallic parts that can rust like, anchor chains, steel sheets, and motor parts or items used in piping and buildings like, air ducts and the steel beams that support the structure of the building.

Non-ferrous scrap metal

Tin Stainless steel Lead Aluminium Gold
Brass Copper Nickel Zinc Silver

Non-ferrous scrap metals usually do not rust because of their low iron content and are less commonly used. But aluminium is the most recycled non-ferrousmetal because it is very malleable and can be used for many things. Besides aluminium, we also use other non-ferrous metals like the copper wires in electrical appliances, large industrial cables, as well as stainless steel scrap / secondary products and high temperature alloys. Commersol Commodities gets scrap metals from factories and from various production plants to fit every kind of requests in the industry.

As we deal with a wide variety of metals, it is always better to get in contact with us for the most up to date list.