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About us

Commersol Commodities is an efficient, customer service-centric company that prides on its ethics and honest business acumen. This ensures us to tailor any proposal to your specific needs and requirements.



We aim to provide you with the best type of metal you need and, together with our beliefs, you are guaranteed to receive the best service. At Commersol Commodities, we believe in preserving and conserving our natural environment, so we keep our operations eco-friendly and green.

We work with factories, shipyards and scrapyards that are in the metal fabrication and production and sell to smelting plants that uses our products.

Our staff and management are experts in the industry with many years of experience dealing with scrap, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. They are knowledgeable in the types of metal and will absolutely assist and advise you with the highest integrity.


Commersol now also engages in the growing agricultural market. We want to bring about more services to meet industrial needs as much as we can. Our experience enables us to give the best service we can in the timeliest of manner, and our knowledge gives us the opportunity to instill the trust and confidence in our clients and customers, which makes us a holistic agricultural business that places others’ needs before ours, making sure that our goods are only of the most excellent grade.

Commersol Commodities will provide you the best quality of service with prices that are worth the value.