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Besides trading of these metals, we purchase and recycle them, and then classify them according to their grades. They are then processed into new metals to be reused and sold again. We collect scrap metals from factories or metal wastes from production plants and sort them according to their types and quality in order to determine the new metals’ value. We deliver to different factories that want to use the recycled metals for their various purposes.

Commersol Commodities specializes in trading with a wide variety of scrap metal, ferrous and non-ferrous, from factories to terminals, and from offshore islands to yards and smelter plants.

So we deal with your scrap metal problems and provide you solutions, while at the same time, offer an all-round and in-house metal retail service for your convenience.

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Now, Commersol has become even more versatile with an agricultural service. Because of the rising demand in agriculture, we are partaking to bring even more convenience to our clients by providing a wider variety of services. That is so we can further provide more options and not be restricted in our operations. We undertake the transportation of such materials from origination to destination because quality control is one of our utmost responsibilities and we want it to be within our reach.

Commersol Commodities also specializes in trading with a wide variety of agricultural products for all industries

For more details, contact us. We can help you and provide you the services you need and the products you want.

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